Creating a space where women of color can come together to learn about relevant beauty topics and share beauty secrets without judgement. Let’s reshape the beauty industry simply through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Creating A Transparent and Inclusive Dialogue Around Beauty

We’re empowering women of color to define their own beauty and embrace their authentic selves.

Let’s reshape the beauty industry simply through word-of-mouth recommendations – no influencers, paid ads or beauty brand representatives. Engage in open and honest conversations with like-minded women and hand-picked beauty experts to help you find products that actually work. It’s time to declutter our beauty vanities filled with products that are only ‘good enough’ and lean into a community of women to help you find beauty solutions that you genuinely LOVE.

77% of women

Will use only 10 items regularly despite buying over 100 every year.  In total, we will discard 5,846 beauty products over the course of our lives.

*According to a study done by Vaseline

Find products/services that are additive to your beauty journey!

Join Our Beauty Community

Membership for our beauty community is free- no credit card is required.

Join the first and only beauty community for women of color that procures content and addresses topics that are relevant for  YOU.  

1% of all future proceeds will go to Arise Foundation, a global organization with a mission to abolish modern-day slavery

*Honesty and transparency is a key part of our ethos and we want engaged community members over paying, inactive customers . We won’t lock you into yearly terms and only offer monthly plans. You can cancel anytime. $12/month is the introductory price and is subject to change with notice


with women of color who have beauty solutions


Insights on skincare, haircare, color cosmetics, and minimally invasives topics

Q&A sessions & live talks

ask questions, seek advice, and gain insights from experts


Read blog posts on relevant topics


Share your journey and shape the future of the community


Want to be a part of a judgement-free beauty community for women of color?

Our members love:

Getting real and honest information about beauty products and services

Learning about the newest solutions through our blog posts and experts

Feeling comfortable asking the hard questions about taboo topics related to beauty

Supporting your beauty journey, regardless of what that looks like

Staying updated on the newest solutions through informative blog posts

Beauty Apiary Members

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Join a broad beauty community for women of color that organically sparks the creation of micro-communities so that you will find YOUR beauty tribes.

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